Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT

The birthplace of the hamburger sandwich, Louis’ Lunch is a family-owned restaurant located in the heart of New Haven, CT. Currently run by the 4th generation, our restaurant has been satisfying customers’ hearty appetites since 1895. We have served customers from across the U.S. and are proud to be recognized by The Travel Channel, The Food Network, and many other television and print organizations.

Louis’ Lunch is committed to serving a classic hamburger that is hand-rolled from a proprietary blend of five cuts of meat, ground fresh daily. All of our burgers are cooked to order in the original cast-iron grills dating back to 1898. We want you to experience the meat’s true flavor, so we serve it on white toast with only cheese, onion, and tomato as garnishes.

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Our Menu

The Original Burger $8.00
Potato Salad $4.25
Potato Chips $2.25
Homemade Pie $5.00/slice
Poland Spring $2.75
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi $2.75
Snapple $2.75
Foxon Park Soda $2.75
*Prices subject to change